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The group of guard companies “Sh’it i mech”

Ůčň č ěĺ÷
Address: Novosibirsk
st. Timiryazeva 2,
Tel. 226-88-74
st. Vokzalnaya magistral 15,
Tel. 218-86-48

The “Afina Pallada” group of the security enterprises is one of the largest organizations in the market of security services of Siberian region and a part of holding “Afina Pallada”.

For today three divisions function form the Group: OJSC CHOP “Sh’it i mech”, OJSC CHOP “Sh’it i mech-A” and OJSC "Kailas". The group has been working in the Siberian market since 2004 and takes the leading position in sphere of security services offering a full complex of security actions as follows:

• Life and health protection of nationals

• Order insurance in places of mass actions, in particular, the Zheleznodorozhnyj area of Novosibirsk.

• Protection of material assets and owners’ property.

• Protection and support during transportation.

All employees of the “Afina Pallada” group of the security enterprises are the highly skilled experts. The personnel have the license and a wide experience in security field. Among them are the former employees of special services and law enforcement bodies. Rigid selection, a wide experience of work and constant improvement of professional skill guarantee faultless quality in preparation of each expert provide the accurate and planned actions in any situation.

Now the “Afina Pallada” group of the security enterprises is a part of association of private security enterprises "MONOLIT-SIBIR". It has contractual relations with five security enterprises on Western-Siberian area: the Omsk, Altay and the Kemerovo region. It allows to rend services outside the Novosibirsk region.

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