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OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont»

ÎÀÎ  «Äàëüýíåðãîðåìîíò»
Website: http://dalenergoremont.ru
Address: Primorsky Territory, Artem
st. Kashirskaya, 7

OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont» is established for providing quality services of efficient working of equipments and systems, transferring and consuming energy for clients. OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont» is one of the leading specialized companies, carrying out restoration of the power equipment.

OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont» today is

The service zone of OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont» includes power objects: CJSC “AGK”, CJSC “DRSK, CJSC “Sahalinjenergo”, CJSC “Kamchatskjenergo”, CJSC “Jakutskjenergo”, CJSC “Magadanenergo”.

There with the Company continuously moves towards development of the new markets and expansion of the old.

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