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Power Industry

Őŕáŕđîâńęýëĺęňđîńĺňüđĺěîíň OJSC “Khabarovskjelektroset'remont” Khabarovsk
The company is specialized in building and repair of power lines and substations with power up to 220 B. It is carries out of work for repair, test and services of relay protection and automatic equipment of electric power lines and substations up to 0,4 - 220 kv.


Ýíĺđăîńňđîéňđŕíń OJSC “Jenergostrojtrans” Blagoveshchensk
repair of all kinds of roofs, route clearance, assembly and disassembly of reinforced concrete and wood pole, HV lines up to 1.0 kv, installation and replacement fittings, earth connections.


Äŕëüýíĺđăîđĺěîíň OJSC "Dal'jenergoremont" Artem.
OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont» is established for providing quality services of efficient working of equipments and systems, transferring and consuming energy for clients. OJSC «Dal'jenergoremont» is one of the leading specialized companies, carrying out restoration of the power equipment.


Ŕâňîěŕňčęŕ CJSC “Avtomatika” Novosibirsk.
The company was able to keep professional and personnel structure of labour collective, being the assignee of Novosibirsk assembly management of trust SMA that organized in 01.12.1954, entering into structure Glavmontazhavtomatiki, the enterprise has managed to keep professional personnel structure of labour collective.

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