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OJSC “Pervomaysky Mechanical Plant”

Pervomaysky Mechanical Plant
Address: Ukraine, Pervomaisk
Luhansk region, st. Pravik 1

OJSC “PMZ” specializes in manufacturing of hydraulic aggregates, fuel metering equipment, pneumatic units for aeronautic and rocket-and-space equipment and integral steering mechanisms for heavy vehicles, buses and trolleybuses.

Pervomaysky Mechanical Plant
Administration Building Plant

Quality system of the enterprise is certified by the “Bureau Veritas” Company, France, for compliance with the international ISO 9000:2000 Standard.

The enterprise has the following manufacture types:

Mechanical manufacture:

Production of simple parts on multi-spindle and single-spindle automatic lathes; production of extended precision parts on modern equipment of leading world manufacturers; precision grinding, superfinishing processing with binding and loose abrasives.

Forging Processing

Hot forging, open press forging of ferrous and colored metals; cold extrusion

Production of Casting:

Investment casting; die casting

Thermal Process:

Thermohardening in shaft, valuum and high-temperature furnaces, in baths with the use of potassium-sodium salts; annealing, gaseous nitriding; sulfiding; carbonization; chlorine treatment, sanding;


Chroming, blacking, chromate anodizing, hard anodizing, sulfurous anodizing, whitening, phosphotation, chemical passivation, electropolishing, copper plating, cadmium plating, decorative three-layer coating.

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