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Management company

ÓĘ «Ŕôčíŕ Ďŕëëŕäŕ»
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CJSC Management Company “Afina  Pallada” was established in 17April 2006. Management company has been caused by that fact that the Group of companies «Afina  Pallada». It is count more than 30 business units. The company represents the holding owning share holdings of the companies, working in various sectors of economy. The world experience was taking into account in organization establishment. The experience considers as the primary goal of a management company achievement of effect of a synergy from activity of business. The Primary goal in achievement of the specified purpose is maintenance of rational use of a property complex according to the purposes of the proprietor, and also its strategic development.

The stuff of The Management Company consists of qualified experts in the field of management, engineering, and managements of the finance, economy, the rights and safety work.

The basic activities of a management company are:

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