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Scientific Production Association “Siberian Medical Technologies”

Ńčáčđńęčĺ ěĺäčöčíńęčĺ ňĺőíîëîăčč
Website: http://www.nposmt.ru/
Address: Novosibirsk Region, Berdsk,
Promyshlennyy pereulok, 2a
Tel: (383) 238-09-16, 238-09-15

Scientific Production Association “Siberian Medical Technologies” OJSC SPA “Siberian Medical Technologies (”OJSK SPA “SMT”) is a part of the “Afina Pallada” Group of the companies. Scientific Production Association “Siberian Medical Technologies was created in 2007 and since that has been specializing in producing of premium class three-componential syringes of 1, 3, 5 and 10 ml.Due to the “Afina Pallada” Group of the companies help, enterprise is furnished with the hi-tech equipment and applies new products in industry.

For today the factory competes exclusively with the European manufacturers using only high technologies and involving competent experts.

The enterprise is furnished with the advanced equipment, completely automated providing complete production cycle, including domestic manufacturing of needles for all types of injections and carrying out production sterilization.

As a part of structural divisions the Company has 6 industrial sites, such as manufacture of needles and syringes, sterilization, moulding, sanitary-and-hygienic and mechanical-repair sites. The factory is able to produce over 15 millions of syringes thus completely covering requirements of Novosibirsk area and the European part of Russia. Manufacture at factory «Siberian medical technologies» is run according to standards GMP, the international system of norms, rules and instructions concerning manufacture of medical products. The system means quality assurance of materials, the interpretational control, acceptance and the storage control. Due to it the control becomes a part of process and the factory produces more quality product. The world and country market situation is caused new demands to production quality.

Presence of the powerful industrial enterprise specializing in output of the premium-class in territory of the Russian Federation testifies potential of home producers in the medicine area. Modern Russian syringes give people the chance to receive exact painless and sterile medical aid. Without exaggeration it is possible to call them a part of the modern life standard.Factory production «Siberian medical technologies» completely keeps this standard.


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