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CJSC “Poultry farm Novomyshastovskaja”

Ďňčöĺôŕáđčęŕ Íîâîěűřŕńňîâńęŕ˙
Website: http://novmpf.kubanregion.ru/
Address: Krasnodar region,
Krasnoarmejskij area,
station Novomyshastovskaya, st. Zapadnaya, 22

CJSC “Battery farm Novomyshastovskaja” is large poultry-farming units of Krasnodar territory. It was formed on the basis of the former collective poultry farm in 1977. The main products during 26 years - commodity egg, meat of hens, an egg powder, fodder additives. Close cooperation with "Labinsk" occurrence of young growth of domestic egg hens.

There was the reconstruction in the shorter of two pavilions with replacement of the out-of-date single-tier equipment on more productive and economically effective - 4 stages, the Spanish firm "Aruas Pouhtri Equipment" is made. As a result the quantity of bird place at the same area has been increased from 30 thousand birds to 92 thousand birds. The work shop is bringing into operation for producing of fodder yeast. There will be made also other production on the basis of microbiology advanced achievements.

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