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OJSC "Sibgiprotrans"

ÎŔÎ «Ńčáăčďđîňđŕíń»
Webdite: http://sibgiprotrans.ru/
Address: Novosibirsk,
st. Vokzalnaya magistral 15

OJSC "Sibgiprotrans" has 70-yers experience in the sphere of research and designing of the objects of transport construction. The company occupies one of leading places among the design organizations. The institute carry out its activity in various regions of Russia - from Siberia to the Black Sea coast.

Leading direction of activity is complex designing of rail and highways. The institute has a unique experience of designing of an earthen cloth, buildings and constructions in a permafrost zone, and also in various climatic and engineering-geological conditions, including areas of the raised seismicity.

Buildings and constructions are projected in a complex with engineering communications: water supply and water drain networks, systems of a heat supply, ventilation, power supply and communication. The visiting card of the institute is many buildings constructed on its projects decorating Novosibirsk and other big and small cities of Siberia.

The institute carries out a full cycle of works on designing, electrification of railways and working out of projects on building of new objects, and also works on expansion, reconstruction and modernization of railway junctions and stations.

The institute has brought the big contribution to development of Novosibirsk. There are constructed administrative, public and live buildings, objects of public health services, culture and sports under its project.

Available software allows to automate processes of designing, engineering researches and to present production in electronic form.

The experience saved up by institute, highly skilled personnel structure of Sibgiprotrans helps it to become the most authoritative design and survey Company in Russia. At the All-Russia competition spent in 2005, Sibgiprotrans was included in number of leaders of a building complex of Russia. The main attention of workers of Sibgiprotransa is directed on search of the technical decisions giving the maximum economic efficiency, on constant and fullest satisfaction of client’s requirements, and also on a gain of new commodity markets.

OJSC "Sibgiprotrans" was awarded by the order of Honor Sign for a high technological level of the let out design documentation

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