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About the Group of Companies

“Afina Pallada” was founded in 1991. The company for an nineteen-year operational experience has perfectly proved in the Russian and foreign markets. Thanks to high professional skills of the personnel and quality of performance of works, «Afina Pallada» successfully co-operates with big clients — the enterprises and private persons, among which – JSC “Gasprom”, JSC “Rosneft”, JSC “Rossijskie zheleznye dorogi”, JSC «Severnye magistral'nye nefteprovody», JSC «Chernomorskie magistral'nye nefteprovody», LLC “The Center of Project management “Vostochnaja Sibir'—Tihij Okean”” and many others.

“Afina Pallada” began its professional work as specialized property company. The company has expanded a spectrum of given services. Nowadays the company is the largest corporation which has united, besides services in the field of the real estate, variety of directions, such as mechanical engineering, building, designing, electric power industry and others.

The association of agencies of the real estate “Afina Pallada” is still the leading company in the Russian market of the real estate. It also successfully co-operates with the states of near and far abroad (http://www.afina-pallada.ru/).

The energy, purposefulness, and also correctly chosen strategy of development have helped the building company “Afina-Pallada” (http://www.sk.afina-pallada.ru/) to reach considerable successes in the field of industrial civil building, building of objects of transport and engineering appointment. The main objects of the building company “Afina-Pallada” are the Yaroslavl, Leningrad and Riga stations, «the Savings Bank of Russia», and the Temple of the Big Rise.

The corporation “Afina Pallada” is the shareholder together with the partner. The partners successfully operates by share holding of the Siberian award « Znak pocheta» JSC on designing and researches of objects of transport building of "Sibgiprotrans" (http://www.sibgiprotrans.ru/).

It is laid more than eight thousand kilometers of new railways, constructed more than two thousand automobile lines, reconstructed seven largest railway junctions, including abroad, according to projects of the institute created in 1936.

JSC "Uglich machine-building factory" (http://www.uglichmash.ru/) is one more successful direction in corporation. It is specialized in manufacturing of automobile crane with the capacity 14, 16 and 20 tons

The corporation “Afina Pallada” is also the shareholder of CJSC “Avtomatika” (http://www.avtomatika.nsk.ru/). The company makes installation and adjustment of means of automation, installation of external cable networks, the power equipment and illumination, low-current communication systems and the fire-security alarm system, electrochemical protection systems. CJSC “Avtomatika” has branches in Kuibyshev (Novosibirsk region), Tomsk, Barnaul, Berdsk, Yarovom. The area of operation covers territories of Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Irkutsk, Moscow areas, Krasnoyarsk and Altay regions.

CJSC “Poultry farm Novomyshastovskaja” (http://www.novmpf.kubanregion.ru/) is large poultry-farming economy of Krasnodar territory. Throughout long years The Company specialized in manufacture of poultry-farming production - commodity egg, meat of hens, an egg powder, and fodder additives

“Afina Pallada” also is stakeholder of Scientific Production Association “Siberian Medical Technologies” (http://www.novmpf.kubanregion.ru/). The company is specialized in manufacturing of disposable syringes and injection needle, transfusion systems and devices for injection in a small vein (needle-butterfly). The company is equipped by modern high-efficiency equipment providing quality of let out production at level of world standards GMP.

The main purpose of company’s activity is the assistance to economic development of a society by mutually fruitful cooperation with clients and partners.

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